Egg Stuffed Peppers

So, a Cajun + an Italian = a ridiculously delicious household. John and I both come from food-centric cultures and love to share our recipes with each other. For me, cooking and sharing food is the way I express that I care for someone, so I think it’s neat and special when I make one of John’s family’s recipes. Or maybe I’m just silly and squishy inside. 😛

This recipe is brought to you by John’s tiny 4’8″ Brooklyn/Long Island Italian American grandma and weeknight cooking!


This recipe is pieced together from John’s childhood, so we just kind of wing it a little. It’s perfect because you don’t need much to make it and it’s hard to mess it up.

  • Bell peppers (this time, I made 5)
  • Eggs (generally, about twice as many eggs as peppers, so about 10 eggs in this case)
  • Bread crumbs (we use flavored ones so we don’t have to use more herbs, but whatever you have works– if you’re adding herbs, garlic and oregano would be good)
  • Parmesan cheese (in equal amounts with the bread crumbs, maybe a ½-¾ cup of each?)
  • tomato sauce (optional but delish)

Oven at 350 degrees. Get a casserole dish and add some tomato sauce to the bottom so your peppers don’t stick to your dish. Don’t want tomato sauce? Just put them on a baking sheet that you’ve covered with a lightly greased aluminum foil sheet.

Cut the tops off your peppers and empty them out of seeds, etc and place them in the tomato sauce-d casserole dish.

Make your mixture. Crack your eggs in a medium bowl, scramble them a bit, and add salt and pepper to your liking. Add your bread crumbs and parmesan and mix. You’re looking for a pourable consistency, with enough bread crumbs to soak up the eggs so the mixture isn’t just liquid-y and eggy. Pour this mixture into the empty peppers.

Pop the peppers in the oven. Fact: this always takes longer to cook than you think. I would give it at least 30-45 minutes. Check every so often with a toothpick or fork. When you stab the pepper filling, your toothpick should come out dry. You’re shooting for a kind of fluffy, souffle consistency for your egg filling.

Once it’s finished, garnish with tomato sauce and parmesan as you wish.




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