Nommy weeknight dinner: Chorizo tacos. If you’re feeding two people, take two chorizo sausages, remove them from their cases, and cook them in a pan until browned. [Note: My favorite chorizo sausages are made by Whole Foods!] Remove to a plate. Slice up 3-4 small potatoes and fry in the sausage grease. If you need more cooking grease, add a little olive oil; season with salt and pepper. Once the potatoes start to soften (5 or so minutes), cut up a poblano pepper (or ½ of a huge one in our case) and continue cooking. After another 3-5 minutes or when your potatoes and peppers are cooked/softened, add some sliced up kale (about two leaves). Coat well in the oil and cook another 2 minutes or so until kale is wilted but not soft. Then add cheese and enjoy!


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