Mushroom snack

I can’t even put into words how much I LOVE Lucy Knisley’s graphic novel memoir Relish. She tells of her childhood as the offspring of New York gourmets and her experiences learning and loving food. She ends each chapter with an illustrated recipe, and I think I’d eventually like to try all of her recipes! This mushroom recipe, her mother’s inspired by Julia Child, was SUCH a treat!



  1. First of all, get the biggest pan you have. If you don’t have one, do it in batches or in two small pans at once.
  2. Also get a spatula, a dish towel, a big plate, a glass of something nice to drink.
  3. Get an interesting mushroom: Lucy’s favorite is shitake, but she also recommends portobello, morels, chanterelles, etc.
  4. Clean the mushrooms (preferably patted with a damp towel, not rinsed) then let them dry completely.
  5. Combine some butter (just oil is ok for vegans, too), and olive oil in your pan. Julia Child recommends 1 part olive oil to two parts butter. Add enough to shine the whole pan bottom.
  6. Turn your stove on HOT.
  7. Wait until the butter stops foaming and the pan is REALLY HOT.
  8. Some people like to cut off the mushroom stems, but Lucy’s Mom usually doesn’t The stems are good! But trim off the hard bits before adding the mushrooms to the pan.
  9. Turn the heat down to medium.
  10. Now this is IMPORTANT: Be sure you allow plenty of space in the pan for the mushrooms. If you crowd the mushrooms, they’ll steam unevenly; they won’t saute and become brown and crispy. image
  11. Now let them be for a while. They’ll soak up the oils and the pan will get dry and then they’ll start to SQUEAK! This is a good sign! Don’t add more oil/butter, even if they start to smoke  little– just turn down the heat and watch the mushrooms start to sweat.
  12. When they start to brown, stir and shake!
  13. When they seem brown and crispy and still moist, put them on a place and add salt and pepper.
  14. Best eaten with your hands!!



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