Spaghetti Al Pomodoro (summer version)

We had the pleasure of watching over someone’s garden this summer again, which means, a plethora of garden fresh treats! He insist we take anything ripe– why waste it while he’s gone. Therefore, we were inundated with fresh cherry tomatoes recently. While I hate to admit it, I have never really liked tomatoes! A holdover from my picky eater days. I like tomato sauce, tomato flavored things . . but not the texture of pieces of tomato. However, if you’re going to get over a distaste for a food, eating the freshest version seems like a good bet. I started with burrata bruschetta with the tomatoes and basil and now had the pleasure of making this delicious meal! Via Rachel Eats.

  • extra virgin olive oil (maybe 5-7 tbsp?)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 lb sweet cherry or tiny plum tomatoes
  • salt q.b.
  • a few leaves of fresh basil
  • ¾-1 lb pasta spaghetti

Bring a large pan of well-salted water to a rolling boil. Add the spaghetti and set the timer for a two minutes less than the time on the packet

Warm the olive oil in large saute pan. Smash the garlic on the work surface or press it with the back of a knife so the skin comes away, it splits but remains whole. Fry the garlic gently in the oil until it is pale golden and fragrant.

Halve the tomatoes and add them to the pan along with a good pinch of salt. Once the tomatoes start softening and releasing their juices squash them gently with the back of a wooden spoon so their juices mingle with the oil.  This will take just a few minutes. Add the basil, stir, cook for another minute.


Test the spaghetti, once it is al dente, drain it and reserve some cooking water, or use tongs to lift it straight into the tomato pan.


Lower the flame slightly. Stir until the oily, tomatoey juices, pasta and pasta cooking whiter come together into a well dressed whole. Pull from the flame and serve immediately.


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